Technik Inc. offers a wide range repair service on almost all phone, tablet and computer devices. Everything from front to back, top to bottom on all leading brands; including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, Windows, Google, Motorola, LG, Acer, Asus, Dell and others.

Technik Inc. offers a 120 day warranty on all repairs and a 30 day warranty on TechSHOP pre-owned devices and new accessories. Business accounts receive a 120 day warranty on repairs as well as TechSHOP purchases.

Screen repairs are covered against ALL defect within the first 120 days. Warranty does not cover against physical damage (broken/cracked glass and/or display panel damage).

During a water damage repair we are only able to provide warranty on parts we install. In the case that we install parts into a device that is undergoing a motherboard cleaning or liquid damage repair and the device itself becomes unusable after we have successfully offered a motherboard cleaning, we are unable to offer a refund on parts installed. Risks will be mentioned and agreed to upon intake of device.

Internal part repair is defined as repairs required that are not a screen replacement.. Internal part repairs are covered under our 120 day warranty.

Technik Inc. is not responsible for ANY data loss during repair. It is always recommended that you backup ALL personal data before repair. We do offer Data Recovery services to try and retrieve important data.  

All forms of the warranties offer no cash value.

All devices left with Technik Inc for more then 30 days will be considered abandoned. Technik Inc will try to make contact with the device owner multiple times within the 30 day period, if unsuccessful pickup – device(s) will become Technik Inc property.

By proceeding with repairs at Technik Inc you agree to our Terms & Conditions as well as our Warranty & Disclaimer.